Your opinion matters – Power BI Mobile Apps – Survey

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Happy Saturday to All.

I came across this survey link yesterday where Microsoft Power BI Team is seeking improvement suggestions and feedbacks from Global Mobile Users for their Power BI Mobile Apps.

They are genuinely trying to ask the world to make better Mobile Apps with Power BI. The purpose of this survey is to gather feedbacks on the Power BI mobile application. Even if you do not use the mobile app, you can provide your feedback!

My personal request is – even if you don’t like Power BI for whatever reason or you haven’t/don’t use it, you should mention those pain points via this survey and let Microsoft act on it.

I urge you to spend 5 minutes of your time for this survey. I took it and believe me it doesn’t even take more than 2 minutes.

Survey link:

Thanks, Khilit

2.1 (42.22%) 18 votes

Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary – is available now

Hello Guys,

Latest updates of Power BI (August Summary) is out now for your check-out 🙂

I dont want to further summarize this as below link describes things very well for everyone.

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3.2 (63.08%) 13 votes

Power BI – World Tour (7 cities across the world)

The “Power BI User Group” (PUG) is going to run the “Power BI World Tour” with access to premium Power BI content designed by your local industry experts. Starting in August, the tour will visit seven cities throughout the World. Hurry up and register before 7 August to get discounted rates for this 2 days event.

Check here for details:

  1. 19-20 Aug @ New York
  2. 23-24 Aug @ London
  3. 28-29 Aug @ Copenhagen
  4. 4-5 Oct @ San Francisco
  5. 4-5 Oct @ Toronto
  6. 11-12 Oct @ Chicago
  7. 6-7 Nov @ Sydney

I wish that next time, ASIA will be covered too 🙂
Thanks, Khilit

5 (100%) 4 votes

“Quick Insights” feature in Power BI

What is it? How does it work? How it can be helpful?
Power BI quickly searches different subsets of your dataset while applying a set of sophisticated algorithms to discover potentially-interesting insights. Power BI scans as much of a dataset as possible in an allotted amount of time. You can run Quick Insights against a dataset or tile (Related Insights). You can readily use any of suggested visualizations (i.e. quick insights) and build Report or Dashboard in minutes 🙂

So, in short – You can build your Report or Dashboard quickly by browsing through Dataset’s data insights. Then choose whatever insight (visualization) you think is appropriate for your case and add to your Dashboard. Later, you can customize if you need.

How many types of “Insights” are available?
As of now, we have 9 quick insights available for us. Power BI runs some smart algorithms to get insights out of your Dataset and present into easy to understand format (visualization).

  1. Category outliers (top/bottom)
    Highlights cases where, for a measure in the model, one or two members of a dimension have much larger values than other members of the dimension.
  2. Change points in a time series
    Highlights when there are significant changes in trends in a time series of data.
  3. Correlation
    Detects cases where multiple measures show a correlation between each other when plotted against a dimension in the dataset.
  4. Low Variance
  5. Majority (Major factors)
    Finds cases where a majority of a total value can be attributed to a single factor when broken down by another dimension.
  6. Overall trends in time series
    Detects upward or downward trends in time series data.
  7. Seasonality in time series
    Finds periodic patterns in time series data, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly seasonality.
  8. Steady share
    Highlights cases where there is a parent-child correlation between the shares of a child value in relation to the overall value of the parent across a continuous variable.
  9. Time series outliers
    For data across a time series, detects when there are specific dates or times with values significantly different than the other date/time values.

Please see this link for each algorithm’s sample visualization for better understanding:

Can I customize that?
Yes, you can choose the insights you like. Add that into your Report/Dashboard. Select the visual and change its properties as you like.

How do I improve my “Quick Insights”?
First of all, you should be a “Dataset Owner”. Because quick insights are all depends on your data available in Dataset. So, if data in Dataset is not statistically significant then Power BI may not be able to produce all quick insights (visualizations) for you.

But few quick tips that you can try are here:

Thanks, Khilit

4.9 (97.5%) 8 votes

Power BI Certification: 70-778 – Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI (beta)

Hi Guys,

I have been waiting for an official certification from Microsoft on Power BI.
And finally I saw the exam opened up. 🙂

Even though it is still marked in Beta but you can go-ahead and schedule if you want.
Or you can start gearing up with necessary technical knowledge to complete the certification.

Please check-out below link which has everything that you need to know and get prepared for it.

Find out more @

Thanks, Khilit

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42 Languages supported in Power BI :)

Hi Guys,

Have you wondered how many languages are supported in Power BI UI ?
Well, why dont you try yourself 🙂 And enjoy the Self Service BI experience in your language.

Please check-out more on “Supported languages and countries/regions for Power BI“.
42 Languages supported (As of July 19, 2017):
Basque – Basque
Bulgarian – Български
Catalan – català
Chinese (Simplified) – 中文(简体)
Chinese (Traditional) – 中文(繁體)
Croatian – hrvatski
Czech – čeština
Danish – dansk
Dutch – Nederlands
English – English
Estonian – eesti
Finnish – suomi
French – français
Galician – galego
German – Deutsch
Greek – Ελληνικά
Hindi – हिंदी
Hungarian – magyar
Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia
Italian – italiano
Japanese – 日本語
Kazakh – Қазақ
Korean – 한국어
Latvian – latviešu
Lithuanian – lietuvių
Malay – Bahasa Melayu
Norwegian (Bokmål) – norsk (bokmål)
Polish – Polski
Portuguese (Brazil) – Português
Portuguese (Portugal) – português
Romanian – română
Russian – Русский
Serbian (Cyrillic) – српски
Serbian (Latin) – srpski
Slovak – slovenčina
Slovenian – slovenski
Spanish – español
Swedish – svenska
Thai – ไทย
Turkish – Türkçe
Ukrainian – українська
Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt

Where to find this setting ?
Simple 🙂 Just see below screen-shot.

Change Language Settings:

Change UI Language

How the UI will look like after change:

Power BI in Hindi

Thanks, Khilit

4.8 (96.67%) 6 votes

Power BI – Overview & Features (January 2017 Session)

Hello Everyone,

Here are the slides (Power BI – Jan 2017 Session) of my session of Jan 2017 @ Microsoft SQL User Group, Singapore.
Thank you very much for all your support 🙂

Event Info:
SG SQL User Group Meeting – January 2017

Kindly stay tuned for more upcoming events @ Meetup page – (Group Name: SG SQL User Group).

See you in again & thanks for coming.
Thanks, Khilit 🙂

3.4 (67.5%) 8 votes

SSIS Configurations – Deep Dive Session

Hello everyone,

Here are the slides of my session of “SSIS Configurations – Deep Dive” – @ Microsoft SQL User Group, Singapore

Thank you very much for all your support 🙂
My apologies for machine issues and I could not show you demo.

I will talk to team and ask for 20 minutes to show you this demo during next sessions (if possible).

Event Info:
SG SQL User Group Meeting – Oct 2015

Kindly stay tuned for more upcoming events @ Meetup page.(Group Name: SG SQL User Group).

See you in again & thanks for coming.
Thanks, Khilit 🙂

4.9 (97.5%) 8 votes

Power BI – Overview, Updates & Examples (Session 2)

Hello everyone,

Here are the slides of my session of Power BI – Session 2 – @ Microsoft SQL User Group, Singapore

Thank you very much for all your support 🙂

Event Info:
SG SQL User Group Meeting – Oct 2015

Kindly stay tuned for more upcoming events @ Meetup page.(Group Name: SG SQL User Group).

See you in again & thanks for coming.
Thanks, Khilit 🙂

4.8 (95%) 12 votes

Power BI Desktop – Introduction & Overview (Session 1)

Hello everyone,

My apologies for delay in uploading the slides of my first session of Power BI. Thank you very much for all your support 🙂

Slides of Power BI – Session 1 @ Microsoft SQL User Group, Singapore

Event Info:
SG SQL User Group Meeting – Sept 2015

I will be speaking again on Power BI in October 2015. Dates will be declared on FB and MeetUp page. Kindly reserve/confirm your seats through Meetup page (Group: SG SQL User Group).

See you in October 2015 @ Microsoft, Singapore.
Thanks, Khilit 🙂

4.8 (96.36%) 11 votes