GodMode in Windows 7

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If you have a Windows 7, then you can enable so-called “GodMode” to get access to most of the controls of operating system & other components.

You simply have to create a folder name with following words.
(Please exclude ” – double quotes while naming it). Ta-Da.

The folder icon will change to control panel icon and you will see the big list of items where you can easily search many controlling options just grouping by “Application” in details view. You can also collapse or expand all groups by right-click & selecting appropriate options.

Though it seems like a one-place-control-center for operating system components, but there are few options which you may not find in the list. Please check the control panel for more details.

Some people noticedexperienced that while deleting this special folder you need to use either command-line or safe-mode, but i did not face such issue while deleting it. i am administrator on my computer. And one more thing, there is no limitation of creating number of “GodMode” folders 🙂 though many folders at many places does not make any sense.

Note: This feature works for Windows 7 (32 Bit & 64 Bit), Windows Vista 32 Bit but noticed crashing with Windows 64 Bit (More Details).

Following is my machine’s list of “GodMode” in collapsed view:

Thanks, Khilit

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