“Specify Values for Template Parameters” in SQL Server

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SQL Server Management Studio provides a dialog box named “Specify Values for Template Parameters” for filling values for the template you have used. This is very handy if you always like interface based interactions with components.

E.g. When you choose any template from Template Explorer, you will see template with lots of place-holders where you can specify your values. In following example I am going to show you the template of basic stored procedure.

Open Template Explorer

Double click on “Create Procedure Basic Template”. It will pop open the template (SQL Script) in new window.

Locate “Specify Values for Template Parameters” button on Standard Toolbar. Click on it.
(Note: This button will be visible only if the Query Window is open)

Provide your values and click OK. Your stored procedure is ready.

The disadvantage I see with this dialog box is; we are neither allowed to add/delete parameters nor we able to modify parameter or type names.
For that, you have to manually modify it in the template.

May be some kind of template designer interface will come in future releases of SQL Server Management Studio.

Thanks, Khilit

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