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Rocking “Catalog Views” in SQL Server 2012

Hi All, Today I came across an article on MSDN regarding the meta-data of SQL Server objects which led me to the “Catalog Views“. What is it? “Catalog View” provides the information which is used by SQL Server Database Engine. So one thing is – “you can definitely trust this method“. Moreover, Microsoft recommends this […]

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SQL Server Database Keys: PrimaryKey, NaturalKey, ForeignKey, UniqueKey, CandidateKey, AlternateKey, CompositeKey, SuperKey, SurrogateKey

Hi Guys, How are you doing? Many a times during interviews I notice that candidates know lots of things but they really hesitate while talking about “SQL Server Database Keys“. And even if they know about keys, they fail to provide proper answers with examples. So, today I would like to summarize few definitions which […]

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FREE EBook from Microsoft Press – Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Hello guys, Go and grab an opportunity to download latest & FREE eBook from Microsoft Press on SQL Server 2012. you can download it here. Or you can simply Google it to find out more sources 🙂

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What ?? There is a “Ghost” in SQL Server !!!

Yes, it’s a cleanup process available as a part of SQL Server Storage Engine. It runs in background to cleanup ghost records. If you can remember … “When we create a clustered index then it stores actual data/records at the leaf level of the index.” And SQL Server marks/declares a record as a ghost records […]

bigatorMarch 23, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorOne Comment
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What happens to IDENTITY Column Value When SQL Transaction Fails??

Hi All, I would like to share a simple interview question. This is very simple yet many developers overlooks or not taking care of it. Do you know what happens to identity value if transaction fails? Do you think that identity value of table is unchanged after failure? Before looking at the solution below, try […]

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Best Practices : Writing Stored Procedures

Hi All, I would like to share a handy list which I found today from my old collection during files clean-up. These are few quick tips that every developer should bear in mind while writing T-SQL codes particularly Stored Procedures. It’s always hard to find the best version of such list but we can definitely […]

bigatorMarch 14, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigator3 Comments
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Passing Multiple Parameter Values from Parent Package to Child Package

Hi All, I would like to bring to your attention a potential improvement in SSIS. When we need to pass parameter value from parent package to child package, we mostly use “Parent package variable” configuration type in child package. But when we need to read multiple values from parent package, we need to create multiple […]

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Line chart + Bar chart in SSRS Report

Hi All, “Language is the key for communication“. Having said that “Language” could be anything with a clear meaning of message/information to be delivered. Over the generations, we have one language which is never changed for communication among humans i.e. audio-visual communication. Developing charts for an organization for getting to know “how it’s team or […]

bigatorMarch 12, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigator6 Comments
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Ways to execute SSIS package

Hi All, There are lots of methods documented and available on internet. But if you think about the execution of anything you may find more options. Particularly for SSIS packages, there is a golden rule to be bear in mind when planning for executing ssis packages, i.e. you will need SSIS RunTime. Following is the […]

bigatorMarch 11, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigator14 Comments
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Dazzle your SSRS Report with SparkLines

Hi All, “SparkLines” is a new feature introduced in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. Fast Facts about SparkLines: •    It is the simplest way to make your data/values intelligent by showing them in visual way. •    Because it’s a tiny-chart representation, makes report elegant, meaningful and non-messy. •    Report users can choose to dig […]

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