Dazzle your SSRS Report with SparkLines

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SparkLines” is a new feature introduced in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2.

Fast Facts about SparkLines:
•    It is the simplest way to make your data/values intelligent by showing them in visual way.
•    Because it’s a tiny-chart representation, makes report elegant, meaningful and non-messy.
•    Report users can choose to dig in to values if they find SparkLines chart more appealing. (E.g. By seeing SparkLine chart, you can quickly determine  the fluctuation of values for the listed items rather than reading & analyzing values)
•    It’s more suitable to use SparkLine rather than big charts if we need to analyze more items & their values for a time frame. Because SparkLine chart  is smaller and smarter version of normal charts 🙂

Let me show you how you can quickly integrate SparkLines in your SSRS report.

1. Prepare your SSRS report layout as shown below. I have added a column on left side of my “Year” and “Month” column. Be careful not to put this column inside the group, otherwise it will repeat for all year and month.

Note: SparkLines and DataBars can be used in either Table report or Matrix report. But here in this example I am going to use Matrix report as I want show my data split by month and against some item group.

2. Drag-Drop the SparkLine chart to an empty report cell.

3. “Select SparkLine Type” dialog box will pop open. Select “Area”. Click on OK to exit.

4. Now gently click on SparkLine chart 2 times.(click after 1 second interval) you will see a “Chart Data Pane” opened besides your cell. Drag-drop your required fields in pane as shown below.

Note: you will notice that I have used same field “Sum(Volume)” 2 times in “Values” section. Well the logic is, both will display the same results, but if you can choose different styles for both fields. So I can see customized design in SparkLine chart. (See this effect at the end)

5. Change a “SparkLine Type” to “Line” for the second Sum(Volume) field as shown below.

And then,

6. Change the Line SparkLine’s color to “Black”. Choose any color as you wish.

7. Select the whole cell i.e. SparkLine chart cell. Select the palette from properties.

8. That’s it. Your SSRS report is ready with dazzling SparkLines. And you can check-out 2 different colors in SparkLine chart.

I hope this may be useful.
Thanks, Khilit

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