Line chart + Bar chart in SSRS Report

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Language is the key for communication“. Having said that “Language” could be anything with a clear meaning of message/information to be delivered. Over the generations, we have one language which is never changed for communication among humans i.e. audio-visual communication.

Developing charts for an organization for getting to know “how it’s team or organization is doing?” has been always a key requirement for managers or top-heads in organizations. But for developer it’s merely a representation of values in pretty charts. But every developer has to bear in mind that it’s always bonded with business meanings.

And moreover, the representation could give different perspectives to different people. So, setting-up proper colors, combining with different types of charts (bar-chart & line-chart) may be at-times important for people in organizations to make decisions.

Today I am going to show you, how easily you can integrate a line-chart into a bar-chart & make your SSRS report more elegant and insightful 🙂

Note: For this demo I am going to use SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2.

Step-1: Prepare a bar-chart as shown below (I know, this you could do it without any help)

Step-2: Modify the “Chart Type” for second measure/value/data as shown below.

Step-3: Select the chart type you wish. (I have selected Line-Chart)

Step-4: Preview your SSRS report 🙂

And with little bit of formatting, you can even make this better looking.

I hope you may find this useful somewhere.
Thanks, Khilit

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  1. The problem is that your example does not show a bar and line chart combo, rather it is a column and line chart. It is not possible to to combine a bar and line chart in SSRS. Please change your title to match your example.

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