Passing Multiple Parameter Values from Parent Package to Child Package

Hi All,

I would like to bring to your attention a potential improvement in SSIS. When we need to pass parameter value from parent package to child package, we mostly use “Parent package variable” configuration type in child package. But when we need to read multiple values from parent package, we need to create multiple “Parent package variable” configuration type in child package.

There are few work-arounds in order to pass multiple parameter values from parent package to child package without creating multiple “Parent package variable” configurations in child package. But we do need a good method of implementing this requirement. So we can better concentrate on development of business solutions rather than work-arounds.

I have posted a suggestion to Microsoft regarding this. Kindly have a look at it and support it if you believe its worth.

My proposed solution: We should have some kind of interface when we choose “Parent package variable” configuration type. And it will list all parent package’s variables to be mapped with child package’s variables.

Note: In my next post i will show you different possible ways to achieve this with current available tools. 🙂

Let’s make it happen for better development productivity & efficiency.
Thanks, Khilit

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