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Important Fact: Default Logging in SSIS which store log entries in SQL Server

Hi all, Few days back I have posted an article on “Default Logging in SSIS“. You can refer that here. In that article I have forgotten to mention a behavior of “enabling a default logging in SSIS package“. Let me show you what you need to know about this fact. Fact: When you enable a […]

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Spot/Highlight Minimum and Maximum value(s) in each row in Matrix report in SSRS :)

Hi all, How are you doing? Today I would show you; how you can highlight minimum and maximum values in an each row of matrix report in SSRS. Again, “there are lots of ways“, but that depends on what is your solution framework. If you are using standard T-SQL queries for reporting, then it’s easier […]

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SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

Hi All, I am so thrilled to see this content online for getting ourselves trained on SQL Server 2012. Find-out yourself about the contents of kit and downloads.

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Customizing the Default Logging in SSIS

Hi Guys, Sometimes definitions are wacky. I thought of writing this article on default logging where I could modify it with my application requirements. And guess what… “Customization with default logging” title rendered in mind. Just for fun if you think about it, when you customize the default logging; it would be custom logging. But […]

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The History of SQL Server

Hi Guys, A nice video on “SQL Server History” 🙂 SQL Server provides all organizations with a highly secure and trusted data platform on which to efficiently develop and use a broad array of feature-rich solutions to address customers business imperatives, including business intelligence applications, server consolidation and compliance. Thanks, Khilit

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Singapore SQL User Group – Special Meet Up: “SQL Server for Private Cloud”

Hi Guys, Singapore SQL User Group is running a special meet up with Microsoft’s visiting speaker from U.S. Topic: SQL Server for Private Cloud Primary Focus: Many customers are deploying virtualized SQL Server in production environment. Join this session to find out about “SQL Server for Private Cloud“, a solution that is part of overall […]

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Configuring “Merge Join” Task in SSIS

Hi All, Today I would like to tell you the required settings to be done for using Merge Join in SSIS. Merging the data from 2 different sources can be implemented in various ways. And that depends on many things like both sources are on same SQL server or on different SQL servers but available […]

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