Important Fact: Default Logging in SSIS which store log entries in SQL Server

Hi all,
Few days back I have posted an article on “Default Logging in SSIS“. You can refer that here. In that article I have forgotten to mention a behavior of “enabling a default logging in SSIS package“. Let me show you what you need to know about this fact.

Fact: When you enable a “Default Logging” with SQL Server in SSIS package, it does not create any table (i.e. dbo.sysssislog) or stored proc (i.e. dbo.sp_ssis_addlogentry) at the same time of setting-up in SSIS package. But when you run your package first time, these objects gets created automatically.

POC for your reference:
1. A view of database after enabling/setting-up default logging in SSIS package which uses SQL Server to store log entries.

2. A view of database after running that SSIS package.

I hope this tiny information will help you somewhere when you need to build these logging objects programmatically or may be in some other planning related to logging in SSIS 🙂

Thanks, Khilit

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