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View is not showing newly added column in table

Hi all, This is for the people who still use “Select * From Table” in their SQL Views. I don’t know what is the reason that you are using this way to create your views, but you could be the victim of this scenario (see… what title says). Let me show you how you can […]

bigatorJune 27, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorOne Comment
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SSRS Report is asking for Username and Password while executing

Hi all, I want to bring to your focus a very minor detail which could eat-up your time when it happens. This is the case when your SSRS report is deployed on ReportServer and you are accessing thru any application or interface e.g. SharePoint. Your SSRS report is using Integrated Security and hence no need […]

bigatorJune 21, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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Free E-Book Offer from Microsoft Press: Introducing Windows Server 2012

Hi all, Good morning!!! Microsoft Press launches FREE EBook of “Windows Server 2012”. For IT professionals looking for an early, high-level view of Windows Server 2012, there’s no better resource than the Microsoft Press e-book. Based on the beta release, this guide introduces its new features and capabilities, with scenario-based insights demonstrating how the platform […]

bigatorJune 21, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorOne Comment
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Filtering Feature in SQL Server Management Studio

Hi All, How are you doing? I want to draw our attention to pretty handy-dandy (Yet not complete enough) feature in SQL Server Management Studio. That is “Filtering”. Advantage: You can filter the objects (like Tables, Views, Stored Procs etc.) based on certain criteria. You can filter them by “Name, Schema, Owner or Creation Date”. […]

bigatorJune 11, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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Microsoft Cloud Summit on 4th July 2012 @ Singapore

Hi guys, How are you doing? There is an event going to take place in Singapore on “Microsoft Cloud”. Following is the required details if you are interested.  And there is no need to wait till 4th July for registration, you can get it done by emailing them. 🙂 Subject: Registration for the Microsoft Cloud […]

bigatorJune 10, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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