Filtering Feature in SQL Server Management Studio

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I want to draw our attention to pretty handy-dandy (Yet not complete enough) feature in SQL Server Management Studio. That is “Filtering”.

You can filter the objects (like Tables, Views, Stored Procs etc.) based on certain criteria. You can filter them by “Name, Schema, Owner or Creation Date”.

This will be really great help when you have lots of objects in your database. And by filtering you can choose to see only required objects at a time 🙂

Though it’s very good and helpful feature but yet not complete because you can’t provide multiple filtering value for any property given in the “Filter Criteria”. E.g. If you want to filter tables which have schema association with “DBO” or “Test1”, then this kind of filtering is not supported.

Quick demo on how to provide filtering: (very easy and self-explanatory)







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