SSRS Chart – Displaying % sign on Y axis + Displaying % sign on Data Labels

Hi guys,
Today i would like to show you the little trick for your SSRS graphs.

I am displaying values (percentage values) in my bar charts as “Data Labels”. But the “Y” axis of my bar char still displays value without the “%” sign.

What I need:
The bar chart should display the “%” value in Data Labels as well as on my Y axis.

Simple try:
When you format the Data Label to apply “%” sign by making it of type “Percentage” in “Series Label Properties” -> “Number” -> “Percentage”. It actually multiply the value by 100 and put a % sign at the end. Woh … but the value i am displaying on my Data Labels are already percentage. I just need to display the % sign at the end.

Let’s trick the SSRS to display that % sign on you Data Labels as well as on your Y axis.

1. Go to your Series and enable “Data Labels”

2. Right click on Data Label -> Series Label Properties -> Number -> Currency -> select 2 check-boxes : “Show symbol after value” and “Include a space”

3. Then without closing this dialog-box, click on Custom. Place % sign in place of $ sign 🙂 Then click Ok.

4. View your chart. Now apply the same for Y axis.

I hope this will help you somewhere.
Thanks, khilit

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  1. Thanks Khilit, Saved me some sleep.

    I used it in a bar graph.. The irony is the regular expressions worked fine for two of them and when I apply the same for the third the numbers were distorting..

    Thanks again.

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