What is OLAP Database ? What is FASMI?

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i was reading an article and came across this term “FASMI“. i have done a little bit of RnD to find out its head & tail. This is what it means:

FASMI is an acronym of “Fast Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information“.

A database when called “OLAP Database” if it satisfies following FASMI rules.

1. Fast Analysis (FA):
Data retrieval should be less than 5 seconds. Should support any business scenarios for any type of analysis. The structure should support such flexibility that new calculations can be easily and quickly defined.

2. Shared (S):
Must support the sharing and accessibility. At the same time, should maintain the information integrity by providing confidentiality (security), concurrent access management (in case of Multiple write backs) etc.

3. Multidimensional (M):
The data model must be Multidimensional.

4. Information (I):
They Must support huge amount of data.

According to Wiki, “Fast Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information (FASMI) is an alternative term for OLAP. The term was coined by Nigel Pendse of The OLAP Report (now known as The BI Verdict), because he felt that the 12 rules that Tedd Codd used to define OLAP were too controversial and biased. (The rules were sponsored by Arbor Software, the company which developed Essbase). Also, Pendse considered that the list of 12 rules was too long, and the OLAP concept could be defined in only five rules.”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FASMI

Interesting … isn’t it?
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