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Hi guys,

I am just about to write an introduction of “Project Botticelli” for you; but they gave their introduction in very nice and precise manner so I decided to extract that and put it here for your quick reference.

(Excerpt from

Project Botticelli Ltd is a small company offering online training by business intelligence experts and consulting services focused on advanced analytics, with a focus on data mining, predictive and statistical analysis.

I have seen couple of their videos and I am impressed with explanation & demonstrations. Please check out their contents on their website ( Currently there are many FREE previews/videos available. Also check out their membership plans (

You can get some finer information on following five topics:

  1. Data Mining
  2. DAX
  3. Excel BI
  4. MDX
  5. SQL BI

You know what to do next.

Thanks, Khilit

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