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What you need to know about – “PowerPivot”

Hi All,
Today i would like to talk about a booming technical feature by Microsoft i.e. “PowerPivot“.

What is PowerPivot?
PowerPivot (which is also known as Project “Gemini“) is Microsoft’s hottest business intelligence (BI) innovation. By integrating PowerPivot technology with Microsoft Excel, Excel has gradually becoming most wanted & preferred BI tool (client) in the world.

PowerPivot is actually of 2 types:
1. Client Add-In for Excel 2010 i.e. “PowerPivot for Excel” (Applicable to Excel 2010)
2. Server component i.e. “PowerPivot for SharePoint” (Applicable to SharePoint 2010 Onwards)

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Browse an SSAS Cube using Excel – Automatic Setup done by SQL Server Data Tools

Hi All,
Most of us; who are working on SQL BI solutions are aware of connecting SSAS Cube using Excel (as client) for browsing. Because we know that how much the clients/financial users likes to work with Excel :)

In SQL 2012 RC0, there is one handy-dandy quick-link which enables us to make this whole functionality ready-made in few seconds. Believe it or not, try the following:

  1. Open “SQL Server Data Tools” (This is new name assigned to Visual Studio IDE/BIDS in SQL Server 2012 RC0)
  2. Use MultiDimensionalProject & create a cube with any method you want.
  3. Process & Deploy it.

So far these are the intial setup steps for the trick I wanted to show you.

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