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Hi guys, good morning !!! here is the list of cool FREE E-Books from Microsoft Press. Rate this post

Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2012

Hi all, I ran into a nice article which has a 1 consolidated list of all the features of SQL Server 2012 Editions. You can check the details for your infrastructure and solution planning whether what you wanted/needed is supported in SQL Server 2012 or not. And if supported then which edition? Rate this post

Behavior Changes to Analysis Services Features in SQL Server 2012

Hi all, I would like to draw your attention to the few modifications in SSAS behaviors in SQL 2012. The most important difference you will find is the “Cube Browser”. Yes, it’s totally changed. According to Microsoft “The cube browser control that let you drag and drop fields onto a PivotTable structure in Management Studio …

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GodMode in Windows 7

Hi All, If you have a Windows 7, then you can enable so-called “GodMode” to get access to most of the controls of operating system & other components. You simply have to create a folder name with following words. “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (Please exclude ” – double quotes while naming it). Ta-Da. The folder icon will change …

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Auto Generate (Some particular)Change Scripts in SSMS

Hi All, How are you doing? We all know that Change is a rule of life …. And pretty much that applied to SQL Server as well πŸ™‚ Yes, my point is to find out the changes we have done in current SQL Server so we can deliver into the next environment i.e. UAT/Test or …

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Create SQL scripts quickly using Template Browser – SQL Server 2012 RC0

Hi All, You can quickly create SQL scripts for SQL Server or Analysis Server using Template Browser. It does not cover all detailed scenarios, But it does cover all basic scenarios + you don’t have to worry about the script structure or any deprecated syntaxes etc. Rate this post

Browse an SSAS Cube using Excel – Automatic Setup done by SQL Server Data Tools

Hi All, Most of us; who are working on SQL BI solutions are aware of connecting SSAS Cube using Excel (as client) for browsing. Because we know that how much the clients/financial users likes to work with Excel πŸ™‚ In SQL 2012 RC0, there is one handy-dandy quick-link which enables us to make this whole …

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Interesting changes in Database Design of SQL Server 2012

Hi All, I would start this topic with a small real incident happened with me. I worked on SQL 2008 for almost 2.5 years and then I mixed my work with SQL 2008 R2. Once we had some work in SQL 2005 – SSIS package. It was a minor modification by playing with few date …

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