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MERGE your knowledge from EXPERTS – “Project BOTTICELLI”

Hi guys, I am just about to write an introduction of “Project Botticelli” for you; but they gave their introduction in very nice and precise manner so I decided to extract that and put it here for your quick reference. (Excerpt from “Project Botticelli Ltd is a small company offering online training by business […]

bigatorJune 6, 2014 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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SSRS Chart – Displaying % sign on Y axis + Displaying % sign on Data Labels

Hi guys, Today i would like to show you the little trick for your SSRS graphs. Issue: I am displaying values (percentage values) in my bar charts as “Data Labels”. But the “Y” axis of my bar char still displays value without the “%” sign. What I need: The bar chart should display the “%” […]

bigatorAugust 4, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigator11 Comments
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SSRS Report is asking for Username and Password while executing

Hi all, I want to bring to your focus a very minor detail which could eat-up your time when it happens. This is the case when your SSRS report is deployed on ReportServer and you are accessing thru any application or interface e.g. SharePoint. Your SSRS report is using Integrated Security and hence no need […]

bigatorJune 21, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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Best Practices : Writing Stored Procedures

Hi All, I would like to share a handy list which I found today from my old collection during files clean-up. These are few quick tips that every developer should bear in mind while writing T-SQL codes particularly Stored Procedures. It’s always hard to find the best version of such list but we can definitely […]

bigatorMarch 14, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigator3 Comments
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Passing Multiple Parameter Values from Parent Package to Child Package

Hi All, I would like to bring to your attention a potential improvement in SSIS. When we need to pass parameter value from parent package to child package, we mostly use “Parent package variable” configuration type in child package. But when we need to read multiple values from parent package, we need to create multiple […]

bigatorMarch 13, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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Demo Site is ready with full featured “SQL Server 2012 RC0” to play with

Note: This site requires Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1/SP2 or Windows XP wth SP3 to have the correct RDP client to use this site. Go to this site, Login with your live ID. Select the “Catalog” tab. Select “New SQL Server 2012-RC0 fully integrated Demo“. The new SQL Server 2012-RC0 demo is fully […]

bigatorFebruary 2, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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When my SQL table was updated???

Here is very tiny SQL query which will help you find out when the tables are modified in the SQL server database. First you try the * (get all the columns) and then choose the selected ones. — List all the tables updated in SQL Server (in desc order) Use your Database Name Select * […]

bigatorJanuary 27, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorOne Comment
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Passing values from one package to another package

In this demo, I will show you how we can transfer values from one package to another package. I will create one SSIS project. And add 2 packages in it. ParentPackage and ChildPackage as shown below.

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Select records from one table which are not available in another table

Hi guys. I have seen people having hard time when they try to achieve similar functionality which is provided by “Except” keyword in T-SQL. I am talking about the case when people need to select those records from one table which are not available in another table. Well, if both these tables are in one […]

bigatorJanuary 27, 2012 · bigatorKhilitchandra Prajapati · bigatorNo Comments
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