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What do you need to know about – “Report Builder 3.0″

Hi All,
People who have been working with SSRS and Report Builder are well aware about the release of new “Report Builder 3.0“. I have summarized following introduction, features & facts about the product.

If you already know or work with any previous versions of Report Builders then understanding “WHY” is no big deal. So here is a small introduction of new Report Builder 3.0 – This introduces additional visualizations including maps, sparklines, databars, and indicators which can help us producing fantastic reports (layouts based on requirements) so well that can be achieved with standard tables and charts. And as you know that there are “silos of people” who understands only language of reports for their decisions.

The new Report Part Gallery introduced in this release – takes self-service reporting to new heights by enabling users to re-use existing report parts as building blocks for creating new reports in a matter of minutes with a “grab and go” experience.

Additionally, users will experience significant performance improvements with enhancements to the ability to use Report Builder in server mode. This allows much faster report processing with caching of datasets on the report server when switching between design and preview modes :)

What is Report Builder 3.0?
It is the latest release of the report authoring tool of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services.  It has capabilities to further increase end user productivity with enhanced wizards, more powerful visualizations, and intuitive authoring capabilities.

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