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FREE E-Books from Microsoft Press

Hi guys,

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Quick Introduction – What is FileTable in SQL Server 2012 ?

Hi guys,
With the release of SQL Server 2012, couple of Programmability enhancements are also introduced. One of the cool feature is “FileTable”.

So, what is FileTable and Why do we need it?

Applications typically store data within a relational database. But as we know that different applications stores their data in their own formats which could be unstructured formats for other applications and database, e.g. word or excel documents, media files, XML files etc.

Unstructured data usually resides on a file server (File System) and not directly in a relational database such as SQL Server. (Because if we do so, then it would increase the size of database)

So, it becomes challenging for us to manage structured and unstructured data across these systems/platforms as well as to keep them in sync.

FileTable feature which is a new capability in SQL Server 2012 is a solution for these challenges.

It builds on FILESTREAM technology that was first introduced with SQL Server 2008. FileTable offers organizations Windows file namespace support and application compatibility with the file data stored in SQL Server.

As an added bonus, when applications are allowed to integrate storage and data management within SQL Server, fulltext
and semantic search is achievable over unstructured and structured data.

You can find more details here :

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Microsoft Business Intelligence at a Glance Poster – FREE

hi guys,

Download this FREE poster and find-out the Tools and Technologies Microsoft offers under BI (Business Intelligence) umbrella.
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Customizing the Default Logging in SSIS

Hi Guys,
Sometimes definitions are wacky. I thought of writing this article on default logging where I could modify it with my application requirements. And guess what… “Customization with default logging” title rendered in mind.

Just for fun if you think about it, when you customize the default logging; it would be custom logging. But custom is also that where you define everything from scratch. So ultimately it makes 2 types of custom logging: one – by using somebody’s readymade logging work and extend it. And second – by developing it from the scratch. :)

Today I would show you, how you can tweak (1st type of custom logging :) ) the “Default Logging Framework” of SSIS and turn into “Custom Logging“.

Well, it’s really simple.
First you set the “Default Logging” – just configure the “Logging” on control flow tab in SSIS and done. What SSIS does for you internally is following list:

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A Set of Boon Tools – SSAS DMVs in SQL Server 2012

Hi All,

As you must have heard or started using DMVs (Dynamic Management View) available in SQL Server to get information about local server operations and server health. But today I would like to focus specially on DMVs for monitoring SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and dig-down to find out how powerful it can be.

DMVs for SSAS are known as “Analysis Services Dynamic Management View“. We can query these views by simple T-SQL SELECT statement. When use these views, they exposes analysis services schema rowsets in form of table, hence information presented will become self-explanatory.

Major benefits of using Analysis Services DMVs:

  1. DMV queries return information about operations and resource consumption that are not available through other means.
  2. DMV queries are an alternative to running XMLA Discover commands. For most administrators, writing a DMV query is simpler because the query syntax is based on SQL.
  3. Resultset of DMVs is table rather than XML so it’s not difficult to interpret the results.

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