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Important Fact: Default Logging in SSIS which store log entries in SQL Server

Hi all,
Few days back I have posted an article on “Default Logging in SSIS“. You can refer that here. In that article I have forgotten to mention a behavior of “enabling a default logging in SSIS package“. Let me show you what you need to know about this fact.

Fact: When you enable a “Default Logging” with SQL Server in SSIS package, it does not create any table (i.e. dbo.sysssislog) or stored proc (i.e. dbo.sp_ssis_addlogentry) at the same time of setting-up in SSIS package. But when you run your package first time, these objects gets created automatically.

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Customizing the Default Logging in SSIS

Hi Guys,
Sometimes definitions are wacky. I thought of writing this article on default logging where I could modify it with my application requirements. And guess what… “Customization with default logging” title rendered in mind.

Just for fun if you think about it, when you customize the default logging; it would be custom logging. But custom is also that where you define everything from scratch. So ultimately it makes 2 types of custom logging: one – by using somebody’s readymade logging work and extend it. And second – by developing it from the scratch. :)

Today I would show you, how you can tweak (1st type of custom logging :) ) the “Default Logging Framework” of SSIS and turn into “Custom Logging“.

Well, it’s really simple.
First you set the “Default Logging” – just configure the “Logging” on control flow tab in SSIS and done. What SSIS does for you internally is following list:

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