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Browse an SSAS Cube using Excel – Automatic Setup done by SQL Server Data Tools

Hi All,
Most of us; who are working on SQL BI solutions are aware of connecting SSAS Cube using Excel (as client) for browsing. Because we know that how much the clients/financial users likes to work with Excel :)

In SQL 2012 RC0, there is one handy-dandy quick-link which enables us to make this whole functionality ready-made in few seconds. Believe it or not, try the following:

  1. Open “SQL Server Data Tools” (This is new name assigned to Visual Studio IDE/BIDS in SQL Server 2012 RC0)
  2. Use MultiDimensionalProject & create a cube with any method you want.
  3. Process & Deploy it.

So far these are the intial setup steps for the trick I wanted to show you.

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