MERGE your knowledge from EXPERTS – “Project BOTTICELLI”

Hi guys, I am just about to write an introduction of “Project Botticelli” for you; but they gave their introduction in very nice and precise manner so I decided to extract that and put it here for your quick reference. (Excerpt from “Project Botticelli Ltd is a small company offering online training by business […]

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MDX and DAX Query Formatter …. is back :)

Hi Friends, Just to share with you quickly that “MDX and DAX Query Formatter” site is back online. Here is the link: Thanks, Khilit

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Spot/Highlight Minimum and Maximum value(s) in each row in Matrix report in SSRS :)

Hi all, How are you doing? Today I would show you; how you can highlight minimum and maximum values in an each row of matrix report in SSRS. Again, “there are lots of ways“, but that depends on what is your solution framework. If you are using standard T-SQL queries for reporting, then it’s easier […]

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MDX Query Parameterization for displaying Last 12 month’s SSRS Report

Hi All, While working with SSRS reports for displaying some financial data; many a times we have to display data for particular time-frame. Or most commonly – last 12 month’s data. I am talking about the case where you are pulling data from SSAS Cube using MDX queries. In this particular example, I need to […]

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How to set default dimension measure in Cube ?

Hi All, Following script will help you to set default dimension measure for Cube. ALTER CUBE [Adventure Works] UPDATE DIMENSION [Geography].[Geography] , DEFAULT_MEMBER = [Geography].[Geography].[Country].&[United States] Thanks, Khilit

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