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Microsoft SSAS Solution: Cube Design Considerations

Hi guys,
today i read James Serra’ post – whether 1 single BIG cube is good as comapred to multiple small cubes. Check out the advantages and disadvantages with both design approaches. he made a pretty nifty list of both of these.

i would also recommend you to read this post.
here is the link:

i hope you also find this interesting.
thanks, khilit


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Behavior Changes to Analysis Services Features in SQL Server 2012

Hi all,
I would like to draw your attention to the few modifications in SSAS behaviors in SQL 2012.

The most important difference you will find is the “Cube Browser”. Yes, it’s totally changed. According to Microsoft “The cube browser control that let you drag and drop fields onto a PivotTable structure in Management Studio or in Cube Designer has been removed from the product. The control was an Office Web Control (OWC) component. OWC was deprecated by Office and is no longer available.”

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Spot/Highlight Minimum and Maximum value(s) in each row in Matrix report in SSRS :)

Hi all,
How are you doing?

Today I would show you; how you can highlight minimum and maximum values in an each row of matrix report in SSRS.

Again, “there are lots of ways“, but that depends on what is your solution framework. If you are using standard T-SQL queries for reporting, then it’s easier to write this min-max logic in query itself.

But if you are using SSAS cube then you have to write custom MDX (i.e. calculated column/”Member” in Cube’s term) and do comparison in SSRS report in each row.

I can show you even simpler way where you don’t have to write MDX to achieve this functionality and implementation will be easier, faster & fun :)

Ok, let’s begin step by step.

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MDX Query Parameterization for displaying Last 12 month’s SSRS Report

Hi All,

While working with SSRS reports for displaying some financial data; many a times we have to display data for particular time-frame. Or most commonly – last 12 month’s data.

I am talking about the case where you are pulling data from SSAS Cube using MDX queries. In this particular example, I need to display SSRS report for last 12 month’s data from SSAS Cube. So I need to provide 2 things: StartDate and EndDate.

But as the default expected behavior of the Report requires EndDate to be today’s date so we have to dynamically configure today’s date in EndDate parameter. We also have to determine the date of 12 month’s back to today’s date for StartDate parameter.

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How to set default dimension measure in Cube ?

Hi All,

Following script will help you to set default dimension measure for Cube.

ALTER CUBE [Adventure Works]
UPDATE DIMENSION [Geography].[Geography] ,
DEFAULT_MEMBER = [Geography].[Geography].[Country].&[United States]

Thanks, Khilit

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Browse an SSAS Cube using Excel – Automatic Setup done by SQL Server Data Tools

Hi All,
Most of us; who are working on SQL BI solutions are aware of connecting SSAS Cube using Excel (as client) for browsing. Because we know that how much the clients/financial users likes to work with Excel :)

In SQL 2012 RC0, there is one handy-dandy quick-link which enables us to make this whole functionality ready-made in few seconds. Believe it or not, try the following:

  1. Open “SQL Server Data Tools” (This is new name assigned to Visual Studio IDE/BIDS in SQL Server 2012 RC0)
  2. Use MultiDimensionalProject & create a cube with any method you want.
  3. Process & Deploy it.

So far these are the intial setup steps for the trick I wanted to show you.

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Demo Site is ready with full featured “SQL Server 2012 RC0″ to play with

Note: This site requires Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1/SP2 or Windows XP wth SP3 to have the correct RDP client to use this site.

Go to this site, Login with your live ID.
Select the “Catalog” tab. Select “New SQL Server 2012-RC0 fully integrated Demo“.

The new SQL Server 2012-RC0 demo is fully integrated with SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 including:
• PowerPivot and MDS Excel integration
• Reporting Services integration with SharePoint
• Power View integrated with SharePoint
• Data Quality Services

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