SSIS Configurations – Deep Dive Session

Hello everyone, Here are the slides of my session of “SSIS Configurations – Deep Dive” – @ Microsoft SQL User Group, Singapore Thank you very much for all your support 🙂 My apologies for machine issues and I could not show you demo. I will talk to team and ask for 20 minutes to show […]

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The Story of Precision, Scale, and Length in SQL Server

Hi guys, Did you ever faced issues with BIG mathematical figures – related to either overflow or any  other arithmetic errors. This may be applicable to SQL arithmetic operations or arithmetic  operations you do with SQL table in SSIS etc. Well, check 1 more time, if you have any issues in your database design related […]

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Tracking Down Ghost Characters: WHERE Clause Does Not Work Properly In T-SQL Query

Hi guys, I would like to share an experience with you when I was working on 1 SSIS related issue. Scenario was: I have to exclude some records from Table A by matching some keys of Table B.  Table A Year Month CustomerCode <Extra Columns> 2012 JAN CX1000   2012 JAN CX2000   2012 JAN […]

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MSSQL: Find total records of each Table in given Database

hi guys, i wanted to do a quick post on how you can find total number of records in each table of the database. here is the script you can use: USE <Your Database Name> GO ;WITH CTE_DATABASETABLESIZE (DATABASENAME, SCHEMANAME, TABLENAME, TOTALROWS) AS ( SELECT  DB_NAME(), SCHEMA_NAME(SO.UID), SO.NAME, SI.ROWS FROM  SYSOBJECTS SO  INNER JOIN SYSINDEXES […]

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Check if file exists: using SSIS

Hi All, Many times, we have to do this simple checking “if file exists/available .. then proceed” in SSIS operations. And Microsoft did not put any facilities to achieve this task in SSIS with default components. People also have raised this concern to Microsoft, but Microsoft explains that they have more priority works to deal […]

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Important Fact: Default Logging in SSIS which store log entries in SQL Server

Hi all, Few days back I have posted an article on “Default Logging in SSIS“. You can refer that here. In that article I have forgotten to mention a behavior of “enabling a default logging in SSIS package“. Let me show you what you need to know about this fact. Fact: When you enable a […]

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Customizing the Default Logging in SSIS

Hi Guys, Sometimes definitions are wacky. I thought of writing this article on default logging where I could modify it with my application requirements. And guess what… “Customization with default logging” title rendered in mind. Just for fun if you think about it, when you customize the default logging; it would be custom logging. But […]

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Configuring “Merge Join” Task in SSIS

Hi All, Today I would like to tell you the required settings to be done for using Merge Join in SSIS. Merging the data from 2 different sources can be implemented in various ways. And that depends on many things like both sources are on same SQL server or on different SQL servers but available […]

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Passing Multiple Parameter Values from Parent Package to Child Package

Hi All, I would like to bring to your attention a potential improvement in SSIS. When we need to pass parameter value from parent package to child package, we mostly use “Parent package variable” configuration type in child package. But when we need to read multiple values from parent package, we need to create multiple […]

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Ways to execute SSIS package

Hi All, There are lots of methods documented and available on internet. But if you think about the execution of anything you may find more options. Particularly for SSIS packages, there is a golden rule to be bear in mind when planning for executing ssis packages, i.e. you will need SSIS RunTime. Following is the […]

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