User ‘Domain\User’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.

Hi guys, its seems like this issue have been faced by many prople. i have checked the solutions on web and found that not all answers contains the complete solution. so decided to put 1 complete solution here. in most of the places, you will find answers like… Run IE as Administrator -> Open Report […]

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SSRS Chart – Displaying % sign on Y axis + Displaying % sign on Data Labels

Hi guys, Today i would like to show you the little trick for your SSRS graphs. Issue: I am displaying values (percentage values) in my bar charts as “Data Labels”. But the “Y” axis of my bar char still displays value without the “%” sign. What I need: The bar chart should display the “%” […]

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SSRS Report is asking for Username and Password while executing

Hi all, I want to bring to your focus a very minor detail which could eat-up your time when it happens. This is the case when your SSRS report is deployed on ReportServer and you are accessing thru any application or interface e.g. SharePoint. Your SSRS report is using Integrated Security and hence no need […]

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Quick-Fix: Report parameter with space in SSRS

Hi guys, One of the most common practices and a wise recommendation is to display selected report parameter(s) in report … may be in header or body of SSRS report. It’s a good reference when you export the SSRS report into available formats (Excel, PDF, Word etc.) Because if you don’t include/show selected parameter(s) in […]

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Spot/Highlight Minimum and Maximum value(s) in each row in Matrix report in SSRS :)

Hi all, How are you doing? Today I would show you; how you can highlight minimum and maximum values in an each row of matrix report in SSRS. Again, “there are lots of ways“, but that depends on what is your solution framework. If you are using standard T-SQL queries for reporting, then it’s easier […]

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Line chart + Bar chart in SSRS Report

Hi All, “Language is the key for communication“. Having said that “Language” could be anything with a clear meaning of message/information to be delivered. Over the generations, we have one language which is never changed for communication among humans i.e. audio-visual communication. Developing charts for an organization for getting to know “how it’s team or […]

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Dazzle your SSRS Report with SparkLines

Hi All, “SparkLines” is a new feature introduced in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. Fast Facts about SparkLines: •    It is the simplest way to make your data/values intelligent by showing them in visual way. •    Because it’s a tiny-chart representation, makes report elegant, meaningful and non-messy. •    Report users can choose to dig […]

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What do you need to know about – “Report Builder 3.0”

Hi All, People who have been working with SSRS and Report Builder are well aware about the release of new “Report Builder 3.0“. I have summarized following introduction, features & facts about the product. General: If you already know or work with any previous versions of Report Builders then understanding “WHY” is no big deal. […]

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Find all SSRS Reports, Report Locations & Data Sources in ReportServer

Hi All, sometimes opening ReportServer or Reports (Report Manager) takes a while. On the other hand querying database for information is faster than waiting for websites to respond. Here is the quick way to check the number of SSRS reports deployed on report server, their locations (paths) and available data sources. Use <Report Server Name> […]

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Demo Site is ready with full featured “SQL Server 2012 RC0” to play with

Note: This site requires Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1/SP2 or Windows XP wth SP3 to have the correct RDP client to use this site. Go to this site, Login with your live ID. Select the “Catalog” tab. Select “New SQL Server 2012-RC0 fully integrated Demo“. The new SQL Server 2012-RC0 demo is fully […]

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