Recover Backed-up query files in SQL Server Management Studio

Hi guys, I just want to share quickly very handy tip regarding your SQL query sessions. When you open SQL queries in SSMS, you generally go on and work in newly opened pane/window but sometimes dont save that work. SSMS by default saves them in the event of pre-mature closure or crash of SSMS or […]

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Important Fact: Default Logging in SSIS which store log entries in SQL Server

Hi all, Few days back I have posted an article on “Default Logging in SSIS“. You can refer that here. In that article I have forgotten to mention a behavior of “enabling a default logging in SSIS package“. Let me show you what you need to know about this fact. Fact: When you enable a […]

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Analyzing DEFAULT schema & assigned Role for a Database

Hi All, Following SQL query will list available roles in database and the default schema they are assigned to. You can also check when it’s last modified. –Query Start Use <Your Database Name> Go

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Welcome Microsoft Help Viewer 1.1

Hi All, With the installation of SQL Server 2012 RC0, you will also find integrated “Help Viewer 1.1“. This is pretty much like MSDN help. You can launch the Help viewer by following method.

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