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Fastest way to find-out/understand relationships between tables in MS SQL Database

Hi guys,

For most of the BI developers, getting BI related tasks (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS etc.) from multiple teams in company is very common. So in this situation, developer completes a task(s) for one team and goes to another team for different task(s). Once you go to the team for their requirements … lets say for few SSRS reports development or ELT Jobs, you will realize that, they neither have time to give you the proper knowledge transfer nor they could explain the requirements up to the mark how we wanted know in detail. And you have to give the estimate of your work, plan etc.

Well, so the first thing as for a BI developer to know is the database design, team is using and relationships between tables. Here I want to share my 2 favorite ways to find-out the table relationships in database.

  1. Database Diagram
  2. Reverse Engineer Database using Visio

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Demo Site is ready with full featured “SQL Server 2012 RC0″ to play with

Note: This site requires Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1/SP2 or Windows XP wth SP3 to have the correct RDP client to use this site.

Go to this site, Login with your live ID.
Select the “Catalog” tab. Select “New SQL Server 2012-RC0 fully integrated Demo“.

The new SQL Server 2012-RC0 demo is fully integrated with SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 including:
• PowerPivot and MDS Excel integration
• Reporting Services integration with SharePoint
• Power View integrated with SharePoint
• Data Quality Services

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